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American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)
625 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611
(800) 428-2244 | (312) 280-0170
Specializes in providing education in the area of stock investing, mutual funds, portfolio management and retirement planning. AAII is a non-profit organization that arms members with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their finances effectively and profitably.

American Savings Education Council (ASEC)
2121 K Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20037-1896
(202) 659-0670
The ASEC, in an effort to create a better understanding of savings issues, is developing user-friendly educational materials to educate Americans on the need to save, assist individuals in setting their savings goals, provide basic steps to follow to achieve savings goals, answer frequently asked questions, and direct individuals to other sources of information. Selected materials are available in hard copy as well as online.

Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards (CFP Board)
1700 Broadway, Suite 2100, Denver, CO 80290
(888) 237-6275 | (303) 830-7500
The “Consumers” section of the CFP Board’s website discusses questions to consider when selecting a financial planner. Tells how to file a complaint and welcomes visitors to order their free Financial Planning Resource Kit.

Forum for Investor Advice
7200 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 709
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
(301) 656-7998
Provides a glossary of investment advice and an interactive pop-quiz for testing your knowledge of investing. Includes articles about investing and links to organizations offering information to investors at little or no charge.

National Association of Investors Corporation (NAIC)
P.O. Box 220, Royal Oak, MI. 48068
(877) ASK-NAIC | (248) 583-NAIC
NAIC is a non-profit, largely volunteer organization dedicated to investment education. NAIC offers many unique products, services and professional support to help you become an informed investor. Most of the investment analysis forms and guides are easy to learn and use and provide a sound, proven method for investment analysis. Explains how to start an “Investment Club” in your area.


Federal Consumer Education Center
Pueblo, CO 81009
(800) 688-9889
Federal Consumer Information Center serves as a single point of contact for individuals with questions about Federal agencies, programs and services. Their website provides on-line brochures on investing, saving, estate planning and other money management topics. The toll-free Call Center staff can answer questions about all aspects of the Federal government or direct callers to an appropriate contact.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Headquarters (SEC)
450 Fifth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20549
(800) SEC-0330
Office of Investor Education and Assistance: (202) 942-7040
e-mail: |
Contact the SEC to obtain free publications, investor alerts, learn how to file a complaint, and how to contact the SEC.


Money is AARPs guide to finance and work. It contains consumer information on financial planning, retirement, career choices, and tips on books and websites.

Investment Company Institute’s webpage entitled “Online Resources for Retirement Investors” is a one-stop link area to many sites offering retirement planning information.

Investor Protection Trust’s website serves as an independent source of non-commercial investor education materials and assists in the prosecution of securities fraud. Provides independent, objective information needed by consumers to make informed investment decisions. is the most comprehensive financial glossary you’ll find online. Provides over 5,000 definitions of investment terms.

Money-minded brings you up-to-the-minute advice and news. One of the few websites dedicated to women’s financial goals, it helps you find the smartest, easiest ways to obtain the best deals and secure your future. is a financial services Internet company offering commerce and community to empower and educate women to be financially healthy.
Women require a trusted arena in which to receive high quality, relevant financial information and services to meet their unique needs.

SEC’s Investor Education and Assistance website contains a wealth of information for investors including many interactive investment tools and an online complaint form. is the Wall Street Journal’s magazine of personal business. This section of their website deals exclusively with estate planning topics.


Bach, David. Smart Women Finish Rich. Broadway Books. 1999. Discusses the seven steps to achieving financial security.

Berger, Lisa. Feathering Your Nest. Workman Publishing. 1993. An extensive planner for those who want to invest for the future.

Brenner, Lynn. Smart Questions to Ask Your Financial Advisors. Berkley Books. 1997. A guide for people who are serious about managing their money and want to work with their advisors as partners.

Brostoff, Phyllis. Old Talk, New Conversations: A Planning Guide for Seniors and Their Families. Elton-Wolf Publishing. 2000. A planning guide for seniors and their families. Discusses how to make decisions about the financial, legal, medical, and lifestyle issues that arise as a loved one grows older.

Hoffman, Ellen. The Retirement Catch-Up Guide: 54 Real-Life Lessons to Boost Your Retirement Resources Now! Newmarket Press. 2000. Gives easy-to-read, easy-to-follow successful strategies that seniors have taken to get their retirement saving and planning up to speed, so that you too can catch-up.

Holzer, Bambi. Set for Life: A Financial Planning Guide for People Over 50. John Wiley and sons. 2000. Discusses how to assess your needs, manage your investments, cope with taxes and insurance, stay ahead of inflation, prepare your estate, and develop realistic financial goals, no matter what your situation or how financially savvy you are.

King, Al. Suddenly Alone: A Financial Guide for Widows. Maple Leaf Press. 1997. An essential book for every woman who has ever wondered about how, and what she will do with her assets when her husband is gone. It is an uncomplicated, sincere and friendly book of survivor success stories, financial facts, practical money strategies, investment counsel, and retirement planning.

Morris, Kenneth M. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Planning Your Financial Future. Lightbulb Press. 1998. Provides clear explanations of the things you’ll need to know and guidelines for the decisions you have to make to enjoy a comfortable retirement.


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