What Happens If I Move Out of Michigan?

What Happens If I Move Out of Michigan?

Technically, your Michigan estate plan is valid across the country. However, whether your move is temporary or permanent, you should do new powers of attorney since the rules affecting them can be different from state-to-state.

New powers are advisable even if you maintain your Michigan residency but spend half the year in another state since financial and medical institutions are more likely to honor documents which are familiar to them.

If you become a Florida resident you will also need local counsel to help you prepare a new Will. Specific rules apply for the appointment of a personal representative which will also require special language in your will. There are also special distribution rules for a Florida homestead which have priority over a Will.

Please let us know if you move. We will keep in touch with our newsletter. We’ve learned over the years that clients often return to Michigan to be close to family and friends as their health declines or after the death of their spouse.

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